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Content Acquisition: Film, Video, and DVD

Muze Helps You Sell More Film and Video Products

We compile information about your DVD and video releases — information that gives consumers the confidence to buy. We then provide it to retailers in a format designed for quick and easy updating. Plot descriptions and DVD special features are only the beginning. We also provide over 1000 searchable genre classifications and keywords, review excerpts, retail price and format, street and preorder dates, matching to fulfillment centers, and much more. To see our database in action, contact Video Content Acquisition for a username and password to our search engine.

What Can Muze Do For You?

In short, Muze adds to your bottom line. The content Muze provides encourages video browsers to become video buyers. Muze brings your product to the attention of shoppers in thousands of retail stores and on hundreds of retail web sites, and the only cost to you is the postage it takes to send us your product and new release information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do We Get Our Video Products Listed in the Muze Database?
What Should We Send to Muze?
Why Does Muze Need All This Information?
Why Does Muze Want This Information So Early?
How Should I Submit All This Information To Muze?

How Do We Get Our Video Products Listed in the Muze Database?

Just contact us! Getting your product in the Muze database is FREE.

What Should We Send to Muze?

  • New release information and product, preferably before street date

  • Active Back catalog product (if we haven't received it already)

  • The names of the right people to contact at your company

  • Access to an online data source (like a B2B web site or extranet)

  • Notices about studio, pricing or distributor changes

  • Moratorium lists

Why Does Muze Need All This Information?

Muze is the leading source of entertainment information for video, DVD, music, books and games. Our customers rely on us to provide them with the most complete, up-to-date and accurate product information available to help them drive sales. A VHS or DVD title with cover art, product description and complete DVD special features is much more appealing to a potential DVD or video buyer than a title with nothing displayed but the price.

Why Does Muze Want This Information So Early?

Most online retail sites take pre-orders for new releases to ensure that customers receive their purchases by street date. To better serve our online customers - and in the process increase your sales potential -- we need as much information about your releases as early as possible. This means providing Muze with new release information several weeks before street date and the finished product with clean artwork at least two weeks before street date. Please send us your information as it becomes available and put us on any mailing lists you think would be helpful.

How Should I Submit All This Information To Muze?

We make it easy for you to submit data to Muze. Basic information such as artist name, title, catalog number, barcode, release date, description, and cover art may be emailed, faxed, or mailed to Muze. To better represent your product and give it full editorial coverage, it is best if you send us the actual product in addition to the basic information. Access to an online data source will speed up the process for everyone.

Once you contact us, you’ll be introduced to your Video Content Acquisition Manager, whom you can contact at any time. There's no substitute for a good personal relationship, so we'd love to keep in touch with your company by having the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the appropriate contacts.


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