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Muze Helps You Sell More Music

We compile information about your artists and titles — information that gives consumers the confidence to buy. We then provide it to music retailers in a format designed for quick and easy updating. Album art and song titles are only the beginning. We also provide genre classifications, personnel listings, album descriptions, artist and composer bios, streaming sound samples, matching to retailer fulfillment centers, and much more. To see our database in action, contact Music Content Acquisition for a username and password to our search engine.

Muze Adds To Your Bottom Line
The media information that Muze provides encourages music browsers to become music buyers. Muze brings your product to the attention of shoppers in thousands of retail stores and on hundreds of retail Web sites, and the only cost to you is the postage it takes to send us your product and new release information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do We Get Our Products Added to the Muze database?
What Should We Send to Muze?
Why Does Muze Need All this Information?
Why Does Muze Want this Information So Early?
How Should We Submit All This Information to Muze?
What is MuzeTunes?
What is the Muze PreStreet Clips Program?
How Do We Get Into MuzeTunes & the PreStreet Clips Program?

How Do We Get Our Products Added to the Muze Database?
Just contact us! Getting your product in the Muze database is FREE.

What Should We Send to Muze?
Put Muze on Your Mailing List! Specifically, We Need:

  • New release solicitation books
  • Current product, preferably before street date
  • Back catalog product (if we haven't received it already)
  • The names of the right people to contact at your company
  • Access to an online data source (Like a B2B Web site or Extranet)
  • Notices about label or distributor changes
  • Deletion lists

Because we're a multimedia company, you should treat Muze as if we're two different companies. That is, similar to a catalog maintenance department of a retail chain when it comes to new release books, one sheets, out of print information, and the like; and similar to a music magazine when it comes to sending us advance product, clean art, track listings, and review copies.

Why Does Muze Need All this Information?
Our customers rely on Muze to provide them with the most complete, up-to-date and accurate product information available to help them drive sales. A title with cover art, complete track listings, streaming sound samples and a review is much more appealing to a potential music buyer than a title with nothing displayed but the price.

Why Does Muze Want this Information So Early?
Most online retail sites take advance orders on new releases to ensure that customers receive their purchases by street date. We need as much information about your releases as early as possible. This means providing Muze with new release books several weeks before street date and the finished product with clean artwork at least two weeks before street date. Please send us your information as it becomes available and put us on any mailing list you think would be helpful.

How Should We Submit All This Information to Muze?
We make it easy for you to submit data to the Muze Content Acquisiton Team. Basic information such as artist name, album title, catalog number, UPC/barcode, release date, track listing, and cover art may be emailed, faxed, or mailed to Muze. Feel free to include any other information you feel will help increase sales, such as prominent guest artists or producers and detailed track information. Access to an online data source will speed up the process for everyone.

Once you contact us, youll be introduced to your Content Acquisition Manager at Muze, whom you can contact at any time. There's no substitute for a good personal relationship, so we'd love to keep in touch with your company by having the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the appropriate contacts at your company.

What is MuzeTunes?
MuzeTunes is our streaming audio clip service. Some of the most heavily trafficked internet retail destinations including Best Buy, Tower Records and CD Universe are powered by MuzeTunes. MuzeTunes can help promote your new releases by streaming sound clips from your titles to millions of online customers.

What is the Muze PreStreet Clips Program?
With Muze’s PreStreet Clips program, we’re creating exciting opportunities for advance sales and generating buzz leading up to the release of both your priority and developing artist titles!

By giving us access to your new releases in advance of street date, Muze can stream 30-second samples. We will accept your clips on an advance or finished CD or serviced to us digitally, via a secure FTP location.

Countless artists and their labels have capitalized on this progressive strategy, some of which include Al Green, David Bowie, Rachael Yamagata, The Vines, Coldplay, Joan Osborne and Kimberly Locke. PreStreet Clips is indie-friendly as well! With streams posted on retail sites far in advance of release, we’ve bolstered the Net visibility of artists including Aimee Mann, Laura Cantrell, Echobrain, Concrete Blonde and Bad Religion.

Some forward-thinking companies have signed blanket agreements with Muze to cover all of their new releases, including RED Distribution, Rounder, Yep Roc, Razor & Tie, Nettwerk, V2 and Wind-Up. MuzeTunes is delivered in Windows Media and Real Audio formats, powered by Akamai Technologies, Inc. PreStreet Clips gives you a vaulting advantage over traditional marketing methods, at no additional cost.

How Do We Get Into MuzeTunes and the PreStreet Clips Program?

  • Send us your new releases on the earliest date possible
  • Make sure all releases submitted on CD are free of any copyright protection software
  • Sign Muze’s brief written agreement giving us permission to stream your music in advance of street date
  • Provide us with as much album metadata as possible with the advance copy of the release
  • Forward us the finished product as soon as it is available
  • All products must have a valid UPC

What Our Customers Are Saying About MuzeTunes and PreStreet Clips:

“The MuzeTunes prestreet date streaming sample program is a clear example of a differentiated offering. This feature helps drive our pre-order sales by allowing our customers to hear the music before they buy it.”

Dave Witzig, Senior GM Music & Movies Online, BestBuy.com

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