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Muze Helps You Sell More Books

Muze compiles accurate and up-to-date product information designed to help you sell more books. We then provide it to traditional brick and mortar retailers, online retailers, portals, and shopping comparison sites in a format designed for quick and easy updating. Muze brings your products to the attention of shoppers in retail stores around the country and on hundreds of retail web sites.

Rich, Descriptive Information and Original Content
In addition to aggregating data and cover art from publishers, Muze creates original book annotations and author biographies, categorizes books, develops links to related works, and much more. Our editorial content is created by experienced publishing professionals who set and rigorously uphold information standards for depth, accuracy, timeliness, and accessibility.

How Do You Get Your Books Listed in the Muze Database?
If you distribute through Baker & Taylor, or are listed in their database, you'll also be included in Muze Books data products. To be added to the Baker and Taylor database, simply email Baker & Taylor at pubsvc@btol.com.

What Should We Send To Muze Directly?

  • Review Copies
  • Cover Images Files
  • Annotation or Publisher Notes Feeds

How Can We Submit All This Information to Muze?

To set up an account, just send an email to books@muze.com

Send review copies to:

Muze Inc.
Content Acquisition: Books

304 Hudson Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Why Does Muze Need All of This Information?
Our customers rely on Muze to provide them with the most complete, up-to-date, and accurate product information available to help them generate sales. A book with cover art, full catalog information, and a review is much more appealing to a would-be book buyer than a title with nothing displayed but the price. We'd love to keep in touch with your company by having the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the correct contact persons.


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