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Comprehensive Books Information

uzeBooks® 1.0 is the industry’s largest repository of books information available anywhere. Covering nearly 7 million in-print and out-of-print titles, Muze Books 1.0 enables businesses to increase revenue on books and related products, to drive subscribers to Internet and social networking sites, and to sustain customer loyalty through value-add services.

Drive and Increase Book Sales

MuzeBooks 1.0 provides all of the essential data required to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With the MuzeBooks 1.0 intelligently designed categorization scheme for both fiction and non-fiction titles, consumers can conduct targeted searches to help them locate the books they want, as well as discovering new works and authors.

MuzeBooks 1.0 includes core metadata from Baker & Taylor and the Library of Congress. We augment this top-line commercial metadata with annotations, review excerpts, links, fiction themes and genres, non-fiction categories, and detailed author biographies.

MuzeBooks 1.0 Features

With rich, descriptive data created, compiled, and edited by acknowledged experts in the field, MuzeBooks® delivers the content you need to enhance the user experience and help turn browsers into buyers.

Comprehensive Coverage – Muze provides rich, descriptive information and content for over 2.8 million In-Print titles and over 4.3 million Out-of-Print titles, covering all segments of the books market.

Rich, Descriptive Content – Detailed cover images bring titles to life, while insightful annotations and excerpts provide longer customer engagements.

Timely and Accurate Data – Regular updates ensure that your customers always have the most current information at their fingertips.

Extensive Cross-Links – Editorial links to other titles by the author, as well as to other authors and titles, help encourage incremental sales.

Easy to Deploy – Muze simplifies the implementation process by matching merchandising codes to distributor information for easy fulfillment.



All commercially available books

Annotations for all best seller books from the NY Times, Publisher’s Weekly, ABA, and others

Annotations for all critically acclaimed books


Muze Enables Search and DiscoveryMuze Enables the Consumer Experience

Search – Muze comprehensive data sets enable consumers to easily find books and related services through multiple channels, platforms and devices.

Discover – Top line commercial data combined with rich editorial content enables leading retail, internet and social networking sites to become destinations for consumers to research and discover new books, authors, and services.

Share – Comprehensive metadata, informative reviews and rich editorial provide a foundation for recommendation engines, helping to build and maintain communities of users.

Consume – Cover images used as marketing and merchandising tools help to enrich the consumer experience and to drive both consumption and adoption of related services.

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For more information, contact your Muze sales or client service representative, or contact us at e-sales@muze.com.

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