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MuzeGamesR 2.0, powered by IGN

MuzeGames® 2.0 provides normalized commercial metadata, descriptive editorial, and rich interactive media designed to illustrate and showcase today’s video games, broken into tiers that let you select just the data that meets your specific business requirements.

A Powerful Tool for Online Entertainment Destinations

MuzeGames® 2.0 features proprietary, high-value content from IGN, the leader in the video game and enthusiast markets. MuzeGames® 2.0 is the most comprehensive database of gaming information available on the market today, offering definitive descriptive information about video game titles, platforms and accessories, including release notes and cover art images.

  • Showcases today’s latest and hottest video game titles
  • Covers over 78,000 games with more than 470,000 screenshot images
  • Partnership with market leader IGN for supplemental gaming information
  • Provides commercial data, descriptive editorial and trailers
  • Original high-value editorial and extended images repository drive sales

MuzeGames® 2.0 offers the core data that's essential for commerce – including Titles, UPCs, Release Dates, and Descriptions – as well as high-value editorial and image content, available in three tiers, based on your specific discovery and commerce requirements. Choose one or choose them all!

  • MuzeGames® Elements Essential Commercial Data
    From the classics to the cutting edge, from traditional platforms to online hits, MuzeGames® Elements is the definitive source for gaming information, and includes games from around the globe.
  • MuzeGames® Extended Adds Context and Detail
    MuzeGames® Extended provides expert editorial content with screenshots, FAQs, previews, reviews, news, articles, awards, links to other games, hints, and tips.
  • MuzeGames® Illustrated Brings Games to Life
    Rich, descriptive images and video brings games to life for your consumers. In addition to all of the attributes included with MuzeGames Elements, MuzeGames Illustrated includes trailers, gameplay samples, commercials, interviews, commentary, and cross-media links to movies, music and books.
MuzeGames 2.0

Includes coverage of all commercially available video games

All games within one week of announcement

Game data is updated one week before street date

Includes the IGN® Top 100 Games for the last 10 years

Powered by IGN

The product of a partnership between Muze and IGN – the industry authority on video games – Muze Games® 2.0 provides you with the data you need to become a gaming destination, turn browsers into buyers, and cross-promote other media products such as music or films.

Muze Enables DiscoveryMuze Enables the Consumer Experience

Search – Muze comprehensive data sets enable consumers to easily find entertainment products and services through multiple channels, platforms and devices.

Discover – Top line commercial data combined with rich editorial content enable leading retail, internet and social networking sites to become destinations for consumers to research and discover new products and services.

Share – Comprehensive metadata, informative reviews and rich editorial help to build and maintain communities of users.

Consume – Digital media previews are used as marketing and merchandising tools to enrich the consumer experience and to drive service adoption and product consumption.

Click here to view the list of Attributes captured in each product tier.

Click here to view a MuzeGames Data Sample.

Click here to see a Flash overview of MuzeGames® 2.0!

For more information, contact your Muze sales or client service representative, or contact us at e-sales@muze.com.

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