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MuzeMusic 2.0

Comprehensive Music Information

MuzeMusic® 2.0 is a comprehensive music information database that provides normalized commercial metadata, expert editorial, images, and music samples for both albums and individual tracks. Widely used throughout the industry, Muze media information enables businesses to increase revenue on entertainment products and services, to drive subscribers to Internet and social networking sites, and to sustain customer loyalty through value-add services.

MuzeMusic 2.0 provides commercial and descriptive data for all music genres, with coverage for more than 1 million album releases and over 9 million tracks. MuzeMusic 2.0 contains tens of millions of music attributes that include essential top-line information; descriptive original editorial; artist, album and track associations; comprehensive biographies; and detailed descriptors. MuzeMusic 2.0 provides front and back cover art, and 30-second samples in numerous bit-rates and formats such as MP3, Windows Media® and Real Media®.

Authoritative and Actionable

MuzeMusic 2.0 encompasses a broad range of popular and classical music, showcasing excellence in these vast and ever-growing catalogs. Each artist is grouped with their relevant contemporaries, influences, and followers. A sophisticated data architecture with dynamic and intelligent linking helps listeners to easily discover new and like-sounding artists; and timely updates ensure that information about music products is always current and accurate.

MuzeMusic 2.0 data, information, and media previews help enrich the consumer’s experience on multiple platforms and devices. With Muze, site visits are longer and more frequent, audiences and communities larger, and subscription and click-through rates higher.

One Source for Information on Music Products and Services

MuzeMusic 2.0 integrates the entire suite of Muze music databases — MuzeMusic®, Muze Essential Artists®, and the Muze Encyclopedia of Popular Music® — into a single linked, flexible data structure, creating the world’s most complete repository of descriptive data, rich editorial, and relational content. MuzeMusic 2.0 spans more than 50 years’ worth of popular and classical music releases, and its contents are optimized for use on a variety of devices, from PCs to mobile phones and home media servers.

MuzeMusic 2.0 provides in-depth information about the most popular and influential artists of our time. Compiled by Muze’s expert editorial staff – credible, published authors on the subject of popular and classical music – no other data provider offers the kind of high quality, accurate, and timely information included in this database, as does Muze.

MuzeMusic 2.0 wide coverage includes everything from current chart-toppers such as L’il Wayne, Coldplay, Sara Bareilles, Radiohead, and Leona Lewis, to rock royalty like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, as well as Pop greats such as Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand. Muze also covers more eclectic but influential artists like Television and Burning Spear.

All commercially available releases since the inception of Muze

All releases from every major label 3 to 6 months before actual street date

Release data is updated 1 week before release date

Includes the Billboard® Top 100, since 1946

Includes the Nielsen SoundScan Top Sellers for the last 10 years


MuzeMusic 2.0 is available as modular data packages, allowing companies to utilize exactly the data they need for their specific business requirements:

MuzeMusic 2.0 Data Modules
MuzeMusic Elements
Core identifying information
and commercial data associated with a release
Track Title and Time
Formats and Flags
Front Cover Art
Artist & Album Genres
Product Code, Label, Distributor
Release Date
Track Composer (Classical only)
MuzeMusic Extended
Muze expert editorial accurately and informatively describes artists and releases
Artist Biographies and Profiles
Product Descriptions
Review Excerpts
Artist-to-Artist Links
Album and Artist Rankings
Additional Track Info and Links (Classical only)
MuzeMusic Tracks Plus
Formal and editorial data for individual song tracks, enabling song-level navigation
Composers with Links
Song Rankings and Recommendations
Song Genres, Themes and Styles
International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs)
Publishing and Copyright Info
MuzeMusic Illustrated
Rich media associated with a specific product
Multimedia Previews of both Music and Artists
30-Second Song Samples
High-Resolution (1080x1080ppi) Cover Art
Back Cover Art

Muze Enables DiscoveryMuze Enables the Consumer Experience

Search – Muze comprehensive data sets enable consumers to easily find entertainment products and services through multiple channels, platforms and devices.

Discover – Top line commercial data combined with rich editorial content enables leading retail, internet and social networking sites to become destinations for consumers to research and discover new products, artists, and services.

Share – Comprehensive metadata, informative reviews and rich editorial provide a foundation for recommendation and playlist applications, helping to build and maintain communities of users.

Consume – Digital media previews are used as marketing and merchandising tools to enrich the consumer experience and to drive service adoption and product consumption.

Market-Leading Technology Enables Easy Integration and Scalability

MuzeMusic 2.0 is a part of the Muze Media Information 2.0 suite of database products, and utilizes a unified data architecture that offers optimized data structures and a unique persistent ID system for all key elements in the databases. These enable advanced description and cross-media relational linking, ideal for expanded search and discovery, social recommendation, and personalization. Flexible data delivery options include ASCII and web services-ready XML feeds, for rapid deployment and seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

To learn more, contact your Muze sales or client service representative, or contact us at e-sales@muze.com.

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