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Comprehensive Music Information


All commercially available releases since the inception of Muze

All releases from every major label, from 3 to 6 months before actual street date

Release data is updated 1 week before release date

Includes the Billboard® Top 100, since 1946

Includes the Nielsen SoundScan Top Sellers for the last 10 years

uzeMusic® 1.0 media information is known industry-wide for its depth and accuracy. Our experienced editorial staff has an understanding and passion for music, and their knowledge and insight is evident throughout Muze’s original biographies, commentary, and descriptions. MuzeMusic data promotes increased traffic and sales with product, artist, and genre data that makes it easy for music enthusiasts to find current favorites and discover new ones.

MuzeMusic 1.0 covers over 700 genres of music and our data editors utilize their expertise to properly address the various nuances of this musically eclectic data set.

How MuzeMusic Benefits You

MuzeMusic data makes it easy for music enthusiasts to find current favorites and discover new ones. This enhances the user experience, increases traffic, and drives sales.

Comprehensive Data Coverage – One source for all your media information needs

  • Nearly 100,000 labels
  • Majors, indies, and imports
  • Aggregators and distributors
  • Normalized data
  • Consistent display
  • Cover art in three sizes suits every need

Timely Data Updates – Ensure that your media information is proactively maintained

  • Weekly incremental updates
  • Average 3,000 additions per month
  • Pre-Street date availability

Editorial Expertise – Inform the music enthusiast with reliable editorial knowledge

  • Staff experts in all styles of music
  • Authoritative product descriptions
  • Review excerpts from 20 leading publications

Positive and Impartial Voice – Artistic achievement is celebrated, not disrespected

  • Reliably serve an eclectic clientele
  • Refrains from negative critiques
  • Does not discourage sales
  • Drives search and discovery

MuzeMusic Classical Highlights

Meet the needs of the classical music audiophile with information that is painstakingly researched, rich in its precision, and second to none in its integrity. Data elements that are specific to classical include:

  • Composition dates
  • Recording venues
  • Instrument makers
  • Composition language
  • Normalizes complicated repertoire
  • Expert classical product descriptions

MuzeMusic is Easy to Use

  • Easy to Deploy – Muze simplifies the implementation process by matching Muze data IDs to distributor information for easy fulfillment
  • Comprehensive – Complete coverage of all major labels, indies, aggregators and distributors
  • Seamless Integration with Other Databases – MuzeMusic™ integrates seamlessly with Muze Essential Artists® and MuzeTunes®, as well as to Muze databases for books, film and video, providing comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of entertainment media.

Muze Essential ArtistsR


Muze Essential Artists

Muze Essential Artists® is a comprehensive database consisting of in-depth information about the most popular and influential artists of our time. Compiled by Muze’s expert editorial staff, no other data provider offers the kind of high quality, factual, and timely information included in this database.

Muze Essential Artists® data covers some of the most prominent pop and rock acts of all time, including rock royalty like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles; Pop greats such as Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand; and more obscure but influential artists like Television and Burning Spear. Muze Essential Artists® also includes current chart-toppers like Black Eyed Peas, Jack Johnson, and 50 Cent.

Muze Essential Artists® Features
Muze Essential Artists® data showcases excellence in the vast catalogue of popular music. Discover the most influential musicians and how their creativity shapes the artistic landscape.

Concise Data Coverage – Highlight the most influential artists with efficient and authoritative editorial

  • Each featured artist is grouped with their relevant contemporaries, influences, and followers
  • 99-word career overviews
  • Identifies "Definitive Albums"

Timely Data Updates – Ensure that your media information is proactively maintained

  • Monthly incremental and new artist updates
  • Career overviews, artist links, media links, and discographies, with updates as necessary

Editorial Expertise – Identify the most influential artists and their relationships to other artists, as well as to books, films, and video games

  • Muze editors select artists based upon both commercial and artistic merit
  • Facilitate cross-department merchandising for artists with relevant book, film, and video game titles

Positive and Impartial Voice – Celebrate artistic achievement and educate music enthusiasts

  • Reliably serve an eclectic clientele
  • Refrains from negative critiques
  • Drives search and discovery

To learn more, contact your Muze sales or client service representative, or contact us at e-sales@muze.com.

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