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MuzeMusic UK

Comprehensive Music Information

uzeMusic® UK is a comprehensive music information database that provides normalized commercial metadata, expert editorial, images, and music samples across a broad spectrum of UK music releases. Widely used throughout the UK and Europe, Muze media information enables businesses to increase revenue on entertainment products and services, to drive subscribers to Internet and social networking sites, and to sustain customer loyalty through value-add services.

By licensing MuzeMusic® UK, you can use up-to-date and accurate data for nearly 1 million releases to populate your website and enhance your product or service offerings. All releases have information on dealer price and a unique catalogue number to ensure ordering and fulfillment are quick and efficient.

MuzeMusic® UK is updated daily by the Muze team of music experts to ensure that all the information you receive is the latest and most accurate available.

MuzeMusic UK — Pop

The MuzeMusic UK Pop database includes d etails for over 820,000 popular music products.

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Track Listing
  • Catalogue Number
  • Bar Code
  • Dealer Price
  • Product Description
  • Front Cover Art

MuzeMusic UK — Classical

MuzeMusic® UK - Classical
Compiled in association with Gramophone, the MuzeMusic UK Classical database provides details for over 145,000 classical music products.

  • Artist
  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Title
  • Track Listing
  • Catalogue Number
  • Bar Code
  • Dealer Price
  • Product Description
  • Front Cover Art

We offer additional products and services that enhance the Muze core data set. Front cover artwork, artist biographies and audio samples ensure that you keep your customers fully engaged and informed, and ahead of the competition.

Muze Essential Artists

Muze Essential Artists enriches and enhances the core metadata of MuzeMusic UK — helping to bring your website to life whilst maximising cross-selling opportunities for key products. Compiled by Muze’s team of editorial experts, the Muze Essential Artists service supplies you with in-depth information on 'influences,' 'key tracks,' and 'albums,' from the most prominent pop and rock artists of all time, to emerging stars.

In today's competitive e-tail environment, Muze Essential Artists can help you gain advantage by enhancing your customers' shopping experience, increasing their loyalty and ultimately generating more sales. This service is a must for any retailer of music products. It increases cross-selling on your website by providing high-quality, interesting and relevant artist information that can directly link to other music product offerings on your site.

Muze Essential Artists allows your site to intelligently recommend relevant products to customers by bringing you:

  • 3,500 Essential Artists — with 40 additional artists added every month
  • Contemporaries, followers and influences
  • Up to forty-five separate related artists links
  • Up to five definitive albums per Essential Artist

MuzeMusic UK Biographies

MuzeMusic® UK Biographies are the most authoritative information source on rock, pop, and jazz artists. This comprehensive data set covers the broad sweep of popular music from the 1900s to the present, including folk, blues, country, world, rock, heavy metal, techno, reggae, hip hop, and more. Each biography contains a thorough synopsis about the performer and their body of work, following their career from beginning to end. MuzeMusic UK Biographies mark the history of the players, the producers, and the behind-the-hits stories.

In addition to the more than 20,000 artist biographies, MuzeMusic UK Biographies chronicle all aspects of pop music: the styles, the trends, record labels, concert venues, festivals, and noteworthy events.

MuzeMusic UK Biographies Features

  • Over 20,000 artist encyclopedic biographies
  • Complete assessments of each artist's contributions
  • Written by credible, published authors on the subject of popular music
  • Fully indexed song titles, record labels and release dates
  • Artist career discographies
  • All MuzeMusic UK Biographies are thoroughly researched and investigated
  • All listing inside MuzeMusic UK Biographies are fully matched to other Muze product databases, and utilize the MuzeID (or UPC, for non-current Muze clients) for identification and matching.

MuzeTunes UK

MuzeTunes® UK is a broad and comprehensive catalog of high quality digital music preview samples available today. It provides consumers with "preview" access to the widest selection of music, from current hits, deep back catalog selections, top artists and labels to major imports and even out-of print titles.

Over 1.8 million, 30-second sound clips are available from MuzeTunes UK across a broad genre of music. These high quality samples augment your customer's interactive experience and ultimately generate more sales through sampling.

Delivered in Windows Media, the most popular audio format on the Internet, MuzeTunes UK will help you to increase sales and drive greater traffic to your site.

  • Over 1.8 million clips from all genres
  • 2,000 clips added each week
  • 30 second clip length for all genres
  • Clips available by street date for new releases expected to chart
  • Previews of all tracks on each album
  • Compatibility with any Windows Media Player
  • Streaming rates of 20 kps for Window Media 7 Player
  • Encoded in WMA 7 at 22khz for high sound quality and a clear listening experience

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