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MuzeTunes 2.0

Comprehensive Music Samples

MuzeTunes® 2.0 is the broadest and most comprehensive catalog of high quality digital music preview samples available today. It provides consumers with “preview” access to the widest selection of music, from current hits, deep back catalog selctions, top artists and labels to major imports and even out-of print titles.

With a library of more than 5 million music samples that grows daily, MuzeTunes® 2.0 offers the most codecs and bit rates available in the market, and includes support for mobile 3GP formats. Muze’s fully-licensed song previews help enhance entertainment services by providing consumers with a compelling experience that enables them to discover new music, to find similar songs and artists, and to purchase music and related merchandise.

MuzeTunes® 2.0 Key Features
Content Sources Physical CDs, UPCs, Singles, Ringles, Enhanced CDs, Super Audio CDs/Hybrids
Codecs MP3, WMA, RM, AAC+, and AMR-NB
Bit Rates 12.2, 16, 20, 32, and 64 kbps
Hosted Image Delivery Cover art available in 4 sizes: 75x75, 170x170, 250x250, and 400x400 ppi
Mobile Ready 3GP Formats include AAC+ and AMR-NB, plus MP3 16bps in 10- and 30-second lengths
Usage Reports Monthly financial summaries include clip-level detail
Persistent ID Management Fast and easy linking to products related to a specific music sample
Timely Updates Daily updates and weekly cumulative updates
Enhanced Security Encrypted URLs contain unique customer and clip IDs, as well as an optional, client-initiated referrer access control, to prevent usage by unauthorized third parties
High Availability Load-balanced, geographic redundancy, with 24/7 reliability
MuzeTunes 2.0
MuzeTunes 2.0 Overview
Extensive catalog with more than 5 million 30-second music samples
Includes metadata on track, album and artist information, to easily link to related works
Embedded links to MuzeMusic® databases for unrivaled music search and discovery
Largest variety of codecs
High and low bit-rate streaming options
Optimized for mobile phones
Hosted delivery of cover art
Timely updates, with over 5,000 new tracks added each month
Comprehensive usage reports
Massively scalable, with over 7.5 billion music samples streamed to date

MuzeTunes® 2.0 delivers unparalled flexibility and scalability that meets the unique demands of any market segment, from traditional and online retailers, portals and social networks, to ticketing agencies and mobile services providers. Muze enables companies to improve their business results – whether it’s growing revenue from sales of entertainment products, to increasing adoption and usage of mobile entertainment services, or driving site traffic and advertising revenue.

Muze Enables DiscoveryMuze Enables the Consumer Experience

Search – Muze comprehensive data sets enable consumers to easily find entertainment products and services through multiple channels, platforms and devices.

Discover – Top line commercial data combined with rich editorial content and streaming music samples enables leading retail, internet and social networking sites to become destinations for consumers to research and discover new products, artists, and services.

Share – Comprehensive metadata, informative reviews and rich editorial provide a foundation for recommendation and playlist applications, helping to build and maintain communities of users.

Consume – Digital media previews are used as marketing and merchandising tools to enrich the consumer experience and to drive service adoption and product consumption.

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To learn more, contact your Muze sales or client service representative. Or, reach us via email at e-sales@muze.com.

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