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Comprehensive Information for Film, Video and Television Entertainment

MuzeVideo® 2.0 is the market leader for normalized metadata, rich editorial and streaming media for film, video and TV entertainment products. Providing coverage for over 300,000 movie and television DVD, Blu-ray Disc™, and VHS releases, MuzeVideo 2.0 includes:

  • Essential commercial information including title, cast and crew and genres
  • Detailed biographies for all Oscar-winning actors, directors, and producers
  • Expert in-house editorial ratings for major feature films
  • High quality streaming trailers, interviews and outtakes for more than 58,000 releases
  • Front cover art in various sizes

With MuzeVideo 2.0, you can:

  • Increase revenue on video, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc™ entertainment products and services
  • Drive subscribers to Internet and social networking sites
  • Promote loyalty through value-added services
  • Provide optimized content for a variety of devices including PCs, mobile phones and home media servers
  • Improve navigation and discovery for your catalog of film, video and television entertainment products

A Single, Linked and Flexible Data Structure

MuzeVideo 2.0 combines the database assets of MuzeVideo®, MuzeDVD® and MuzeReels® into a linked and robust media information solution. With XML, ASCII and UTF-8 data delivery formats, content delivery is flexible and scalable, enabling rapid deployment and seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

MuzeVideo 2.0 provides daily and cumulative updates so you can market and merchandise your entertainment products and services with the most current and relevant information available for new movies and shows. The next generation MuzeVideo 2.0 is part of the Muze Media Information 2.0 suite of media information solutions. It utilizes a unified data architecture that offers optimized data structures and a unique persistent ID system for all key elements in the databases. These enable advanced description and cross-media relational linking, ideal for expanded search and discovery, social recommendation, and personalization.

Flexible Data Options

With three options available, you can choose the information that will meet your business requirements most effectively:

MuzeVideo 2.0 Data Modules
MuzeVideo Elements
Normalized Essential Top-Line Commercial Metadata
Cast and Crew Listing
Run Time
Front Cover Art
Product Code and Distributor
Release Date
Special Features
MuzeVideo Extended
Muze Expert Editorial Biographies, Ratings, and Reviews
In-House Ratings
Contributor Biographies and Profiles
Product Descriptions
Review Excerpts
Title Rankings
Alternative Titles
Similar Cinema Links
Cross-Media Associations
MuzeVideo Illustrated
Rich Multimedia Previews Associated with Products
Film, Video and TV Trailers in Various Formats and Bit-Rates
  - Windows Media
  - Real
  - Flash
  - QuickTime


All commercially available releases for the last 10 years

All films nominated for major awards including Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and more

All major film and TV series releases 6-8 weeks prior to street date

Muze Enables the Consumer Experience

Search – Muze comprehensive data sets enable consumers to easily find entertainment products and services through multiple channels, platforms and devices.

Discover – Top line commercial data combined with rich editorial content enables leading retail, internet and social networking sites to become destinations for consumers to research and discover new products and services.

Share – Comprehensive metadata, informative reviews, and rich editorial help to build and maintain communities of users.

Consume – Digital media previews are used as marketing and merchandising tools to enrich the consumer experience and to drive service adoption and product consumption.

To learn more , contact your Muze Client Service Representative, or contact us at e-sales@muze.com.

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