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Comprehensive Film and Video Information

uzeVideo® UK is the UK’s leading repository of film and video product information. Covering more than 139,000 home video products from out-of-print VHS releases to the latest emerging formats, MuzeVideo® UK helps retailers and other businesses facilitate commerce in home video and related products.

Muze data suites meet the needs of home video retailers, internet destinations, and social networks. MuzeVideo® contains all formats including rich historical coverage of VHS releases, as well as definitive information on the DVD marketplace and the latest emerging formats, such as UMD Blu-Ray and DVDi. MuzeVideo also contains current and upcoming theatrical release information to create customer awareness and allow cross-promotions based on the hottest films at the box office.

  • Industry’s broadest coverage of film, video and DVD product information
  • Over 139,000 video, Blu-Ray, and DVD products
  • Front box cover art for over 60,000 products
  • More than 10,600 unique video trailers
  • Objective review excerpts
  • Film/video data is cross-linked to related games entertainment products
  • Weekly updates ensure that you stay on top of the hottest sellers, upcoming titles and buzzworthy theatrical titles that generate new sales activity

With deep genre categorization and extensive categorical keywords, consumers can conduct targeted searches to help them locate the products they want, as well as discover new films and new home video editions of their favourite titles.

MuzeVideo UK Data Includes
Actor Synopsis
Barcode Awards
Catalogue Number Certificates
Director Aspect Ratio
Distributor View Angles and Sound Source
Format Main Language
Genre Dubbed Language
Title Hearing Impaired & Subtitle Information
Released From Date Special Features
Original Release Year Running Time
Rental / Retail Flag    

The structure and depth of MuzeVideo® UK data makes it easy for consumers to find the titles and products they want. To complement MuzeVideo UK, Muze can provide a fully comprehensive video trailer service, Muze Reels. Click here for further details.

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To learn more, contact your Muze Europe sales or client service representative, or contact us at saleseurope@muze.com.


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